Forest Inventory

Pacific Stewardship has the capacity to design, install and compile custom forest inventories. Data from such inventories can be used for growth and yield modeling, to verify sustainability of harvest plans and for assessing forest conditions for habitat and other non-timber resource objectives. Forest inventory services include:

Stand Level Inventory: We offer a range of forest inventory protocols to support harvest planning, growth/yield, habitat and carbon modeling, and meet requirements of FSC and SFI certified lands. Expertise in stand delineation, typing, sampling methodology, installation, and compilation. Data can be compiled using a number of inventory programs including the Forest Vegetation System (FVS), Forest Projection System (FPS) or ORGANON.

Timber Cruising: Accurate estimations of timber volumes can be derived for various log sorts to assist with pre-harvest planning and stumpage appraisals.

Ecological Monitoring: Pacific Stewardship can set up protocols for long-term assessment of change in forest ecosystems using both repeat remote imagery and permanently installed plots.


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