Forest Management Planning

Pacific Stewardship LLC specializes in a design process that synthesizes science, innovation and landowner objectives into a management framework that can be practically implemented. Working from small woodlots to large landscapes, these plans focus on effective strategies that integrate a wide range of objectives. A range of modeling tools (habitat, fire behavior, stand growth and yield, and carbon) can be used to project future conditions and optimize strategies. Our clients seek plans that span a range goals; some focus primarily on accelerating habitat development for focal wildlife, others seek reasonable returns on investment within a sustainable yield model of forestry. Plans are designed to meet a wide range of landowner needs while focusing on the following core principals:

  • Long-term sustainable yield
  • Innovative silvicultural design
  • Wildlife species and habitat restoration
  • Maintenance and enhancement of key watershed functions
  • Maintenance of road systems for maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impacts
  • Restoration of degraded lands


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