Habitat Restoration

Pacific Stewardship has an extensive background implementing habitat restoration projects throughout the Pacific Northwest. We specialize in the restoration of degraded prairies, savannas and woodlands in Oregon white oak, ponderosa pine, quaking aspen and juniper and shrub-steppe systems. Our strength is our ability to complete projects from design though treatment phases. Knowledge and skill in all aspects of habitat restoration consistently translate to better coordination between planning and implementation.

Pre-treatment 2007
Pre-treatment 2007

Post-treatment 2011, after meadow and woodland restoration
Post-treatment 2011, after meadow and woodland restoration

Services Include:
Tree thinning: We utilize a range of methods to achieve desired tree structure and composition including hand cutting and piling, use of rubber-tracked skid steers mounted with tree shears, and innovative application of harvester forwarder machines.
Dead wood creation: A range of treatments are available including tree topping and deformation of live trees to create habitat structures, use of bark beetle pheromones to create snags, fungal inoculation and down wood aggregating.
Invasive weed control: Pacific Stewardship has extensive knowledge on the use of various weed control techniques including hand, mechanical and herbicide applications and solarization.
Native plant restoration: Pacific Stewardship has the knowledge and experience to establish native plant communities based on ecological site factors and stewardship objectives. We use a combination of seeding, plug planting and transplanting to augment release treatments of existing desired vegetation.


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