Silvicultural Design

Pine Creek Silvicultural Restoration Prescriptions, Columbia Land Trust – 2014-2015

Designed silvicultural prescriptions to accelerate development of young conifer stands to mature forest habitat within the 2300 Mount St. Helens Stewardship Area, recently purchased by the Columbia Land Trust.

Stark, Clear Creek, Moore & Lorenzen Parks Silvicultural Restoration Prescriptions, Metro – 2014-2015

Designed silvicultural prescriptions to accelerate development of young conifer stands to mature forest habitat on four Metro properties in the Portland metropolitan are.

Whychus Canyon Preserve Woodland Restoration, Deschutes Land Trust -2012

Designed and Implemented enhancement treatments to restore ponderosa pine/juniper and aspen woodlands, and bunchgrass understory communities on this 450-acre property.

Lebanon Reforestation Initiative (LRI) Reforestation Planning, USFS International Programs- 2012

Currently advising and training LRI staff in the design and implementation of outplanting protocols for a national reforestation program in Lebanon funded by the US Agency for International Development.

Glaze Aspen Assessment and Enhancement Strategy. USDA Forest Service, Deschutes National Forest – 2011

Assessed aspen groves in the glaze Stewardship Area to determine causes of decline of stand vigor and regeneration. Designed a strategy to enhance aspen within this site: one of the largest aspen groves in Central Oregon.

Metolius Preserve Section 17 Commercial Thinning, Deschutes Land Trust – 2011

Designed and implemented a 80-acre commercial thinning in second growth ponderosa pine on a private ownership near Camp Sherman, Oregon. Project services included prescription development, tree marking and harvest layout, permitting, log marketing, logging contract supervision and administration. Mosaic thinning, a prescription designed to restore spatial heterogeneity, gaps and snags was implemented. This project was designed to study snag use preferences by white-headed woodpeckers (a focal management species) in partnership with the American Bird Conservancy and University of Oregon.

Deadlog Old Growth Ponderosa Pine Restoration, The Nature Conservancy and Deschutes National Forest – 2010

Developed silvicultural prescriptions and trained USFS marking crews for treatment of old growth ponderosa pine stands within the Dead Log Stewardship Area, on the Deschutes National Forest.

Crazy Johnson Harvest Feasibility Study, Columbia Land Trust – 2009

Examined the feasibility of commercial harvest on the Crazy Johnson ownership, which contains some of the most productive Chum salmon spawning habitat in Washington State. Silvicultural prescriptions and a harvest design for mature red alder was developed in this area to protect highly sensitive riparian habitat and steep, erosive, unstable slopes. The design involved small patch cut openings, road decommissioning, helicopter-yarding and planting of Western red cedar, Western hemlock and Sitka spruce.

Sinlahekin Forest Restoration, The Nature Conservancy and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife – 2009

Completed stand assessments, designed silvicultural prescriptions to reduce fuels, fire danger and restore reference-era ponderosa pine stand structure and trained personnel to implement the project on the 19,500 acre Sinlahekin Wildlife Area in Central Okanagon County, Washington.

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